Vladimir Putin took part in the ceremony of commissioning of the heavy slipway outfitting SSK “Star”


Vladimir Putin took part in the ceremony of commissioning of the heavy slipway outfitting SSK “Star”

Vladimir Putin took part in the ceremony of commissioning of the heavy slipway outfitting SSK “Star”

The President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin visited the shipbuilding complex “Zvezda”, located in the city of Bolshoi Kamen in Primorsky Krai, where he took part in the ceremony of laying sections of four supply vessels ice class and the commissioning of a unique for the Russian Federation, heavy fitting-out staple.

"Now it is crucial to solve the main strategic task - to start producing a full line of medium and large vessels and marine equipment, - said the President Already approved the perspective plan of the enterprise's production until 2035. I hope that it will be done, will keep at this because this is one of the key conditions for the successful operation of the enterprise. Not only "Rosneft" and "Gazprom" and "NOVATEK", our company should implement this plan and advance the time to make these applications and maybe even large applications, because the potential of an overfulfillment of the plan "Stars" certainly is".

The head of state noted that the shipyard "Zvezda" is a large - scale project important for the whole country that is steadily evolving, moving forward." "Working at the plant are on schedule, the construction of ships and marine equipment", - he added.

Vladimir Putin congratulated employees of the enterprise with the bookmark multifunctional supply vessels with ice class that would be "custom-made "Rosneft" and will strengthen the capacity of the company and all domestic fuel and Energy sector, promote the development of the Northern sea route". Four supply vessels are being built together with technology partner FCS "Star" of the Dutch company Damen.

CEO of Rosneft Igor Sechin reported on the progress of the project to create a shipbuilding cluster in the far East of Russia which is carried out on behalf of the President.

According to Igor Sechin, the slipway, which was commissioned ahead of schedule, is equipped with a powerful crane facilities, consisting of seven cranes, including the unique Goliath crane with a lifting capacity of 1200 tons, one of the largest in the world by its size (height of 139 meters, cross beam length 230 meters). The maximum load capacity of cranes at existing Russian shipyards does not exceed 500 tons.

In his report Igor Sechin noted that the basis of the product line "Stars" will make medium - and heavy-duty commercial vessels for cargo transportation, offshore exploration and production platforms, ships serving with the fleet in the first ice-class. The most important elements of the production program will be special tankers and gas-carriers for the transportation of hydrocarbons. "The construction of such vessels will require unique technical solutions, most of which are Russian shipbuilding will learn for the first time," - said Sechin.

"We have developed projects ice-class vessels with Damen, drilling platforms, with Keppel and marine equipment from General Electric," - said the CEO of Rosneft.

"To the shipyard was cost-effective the necessary volume of orders of ships and marine equipment to 2035 should reach 178 units of medium and large vessels, and marine equipment", - said Igor Sechin.

The head of the company noted that currently the agreements have been signed with a joint venture of SK Zvezda and Hyundai HeavyIndustries executing design work for the tankers of class "Aframax" to natural gas and an agreement with Samsung Heavy Industries on the basic conditions for establishing a joint venture for managing projects for the construction of Arctic Shuttle tankers.

"Sure, - said the President of the Russian Federation that the team of the company understands the scale and importance of the challenges ahead, will do everything necessary to create a competitive shipbuilding centre, ready to produce the most advanced and popular products. "Star" will surely go down as one of the leading shipyards of Russia and the world".


Source: https://www.rosneft.ru/press/news/item/187665/

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